With a booming housing market, real estate agents can often be thought of as “a dime a dozen”. That expression could not be further from the truth when talking about Marci Csumrik.

When my husband and I were contemplating moving on from our starter home, a family member suggested Marci, and immediately I appreciated her positive energy and honesty. At that point, we were unsure of exactly what we wanted. When I messaged her about potential places, not only did she promptly reply, but it quickly became evident how knowledgeable she was about every single listing in the area. She would match up the pros and cons of each listing to our wants and needs in order to ensure that we did not settle for something that was not right for us, or was not smart financially. After casually looking for a few months, we realized that maybe we were not quite ready after all. Marci in no way made us feel pressured to buy, and instead happily stated that she would be there when we needed her.

True to her word, when my husband and I found our dream home online about a year later, she was there for us again. She was knowledgeable about the listing, ensured that we were able to see it a few times before making our final decision, and even came to my work with the final paperwork in order to seal the deal in a timely manner.

I always joke that even if my best friend became a real estate agent I would still recommend Marci, but the truth is, I probably would. Buying a home is an extremely important decision. You want someone who is honest, knowledgeable about the local area, and most importantly looks out for your best interest. If you agree with that statement, Marci is the agent for you.